Beyond Meat spikes 39% after it forms partnership with Pepsi to develop plant-based snacks

Shares of Beyond Meat were up 77% year-to-date at Tuesday's intra-day highs and hit levels not seen since July of 2019.

Mom’s Molasses Ham and Beans

This is a recipe my mom made frequently while I was growing up, but I tweaked it to include navy beans instead of lima beans. It's perfect for a cold day when you don't want to bother with lots of cooking. —Nancy Heishman, Las Vegas, Nevada The post Mom’s Molasses Ham and Beans appeared first on Taste of Home.

From the Dietitian: Up your dinner game with a healthy stir-fry

Stir-frying is a great way to increase vegetable intake. Vegetables of different colors also offer different nutrients.

Two Truths & A Lime: Pulling Apart Dakota Johnson’s Glorious Web Of Lies

On March 11, 2020, many of our lives were forever changed. No, I am not making reference to the pandemic, but rather something much more pleasant and amusing — the ideal antidote to everything else that was happening in the world back then. That was the day that Architectural Digest posted its instantly iconic Open Door video with actress Dakota Johnson, in which she gives viewers a tour of her Los Angeles home. Though her house is beautifully...

25 Pandemic-Proof Stocks

Take a look at some of this year's winners to see where the money has kept on flowing, even in the midst of the current crisis.

Pizza Hut Just Added a Detroit-Style Pizza

The chain said it went through over 500 test versions to get it right.

Panera launches a special bread bowl-shaped iced coffee glove

The food chain released a limited number of the Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Gloves on Tuesday, after discovering that 78% of iced coffee drinkers continue to order cold beverages in winter.

50 smart ways to save on groceries

Oodles of noodle recipes you won't want to miss

Udon to vermicelli and everything else in between, noodles are some of the easiest things to cook and, paired with the right ingredients, they're incredibly comforting and utterly irresistible. From noodle soups and stir-fries to noodle bowls and salads, these recipes are sure to bring you all the cooking inspiration you need.

Eat One Half of Your Everything Bagel Over the Other

There are two types of bagel eaters—those who eat their bagels one half at a time, and those who eat them as a sandwich, even if cream cheese is the only filling. If you are a member of the second group (like my boyfriend), the following tiny-but-smart hack is not for you. But if you are a member of the first group (my group): Welcome, I have a suggestion.

31 After-School Snacks You Forgot You Were Obsessed With

Pizza rolls > TV time

When to Decorate Your Baked Goods Based on What You're Topping Your Treats With

Award-winning baker Melissa Weller weighs in on when to frost cakes and cookies.

The inside of this rock looks just like Cookie Monster

This rare gemstone that looks like Cookie Monster is worth a lot of dough.

McDonald's is bringing back Spicy Chicken McNuggets after some locations sold out in 2 weeks in September

Spicy Chicken McNuggets and Mighty Hot Sauce are returning to McDonald's menus in February after selling out quickly in the fall.

America's most underrated towns, state-by-state

Most Underrated Towns

Portobello Ropa Vieja

I created this version of a Mexican favorite for my family, using meaty portobello mushrooms to mimic meat. Serve with rice to round out the meal. —Arlene Erlbach, Morton Grove, Illinois The post Portobello Ropa Vieja appeared first on Taste of Home.

Costco Is Selling Chicken Nuggets That Taste Just Like Chick-Fil-A's

Picture it: It’s a super busy day with the kids and you really don’t feel like cooking, so you decide to grab some fast food for dinner. Everyone decides they want Chick-fil-A, you get into your car, start to drive off but suddenly stop. It’s Sunday, and Chick-fil-A is closed. Finding meals for busy nights

Iconic sandwich shops that changed lunch forever

Historic Sandwich Shops

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets are coming back on Feb. 1

The fast-food fried chicken battle is heating up.

Top Expenses To Cut Now To Get Your Finances Back on Track

With everything that’s gone on in the past year, it shouldn’t be a surprise if your finances have derailed. In one way or another, the pandemic has served as a disruptor for many —...

40 of the most popular fast foods from around the world

Secret, off-the-menu items to order at popular restaurants

Secret Fast-Food Hacks

Panera Made a Bread Bowl Glove for Holding Your Iced Coffee on Cold Days

Somehow it looks even more bizarre than it sounds…

50 delicious slow cooker recipes that will warm you up this winter

Stacker shows you 50 slow cooker recipes that will warm you up this winter.

Grilled Chicken, Black Bean&Pepper Folded Tortilla

Once you give this TikTok tortilla trend a try, we're confident you'll want to keep adding it into your lunch recipe rotation.

Pizza Hut Is Releasing Detroit-Style Pizza Nationwide With A Crispy, Cheesy Crust

It's topped with 80 SLICES OF PEPPERONI!!!

Classic candy we loved from decades gone by

Remember saving up your pocket money to spend on sweets after school? Some of our strongest childhood memories are attached to the chocolates and candies we fell in love with growing up. From Milky Way and Opal Fruits to Pop Rocks, here are the sweetest treats of our youth.

Every state's top burger and fries

There can’t be any meal quite as satisfying as a juicy burger and fresh, crispy fries. But where can you find the best? We’ve chosen the top burger and fries joint in every state that is open for dine-in, takeout or delivery to help make sure your next order is absolutely delicious.

Affordable suburbs that feel like cities

Most Affordable Suburbs

Pizza Hut debuts new Detroit-style pizza

Pizza Hut is offering four types of Detroit-style pizza at locations nationwide, including one that has 80 slices of pepperoni in it.

Godiva and more eateries that are closing locations

Restaurants Closing Locations

We Taste-Tested 5 Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets & These Were the Best

We taste-tested nuggets from five fast-food places to see which franchise makes the best chicken nuggets. Here's our verdict.

The Prettiest Tea Towels to Brighten Up Any Kitchen

Tea towels are the lightweight and decorative version of dish towels. They're meant to brighten up the kitchen and add a dose of cheer—making them the perfect gift. Here are the prettiest tea towels for housewarming, bridal shower and holiday gifts. And yes, you can buy one for yourself, too! The post 12 Tea Towels That You’ll Want to Gift for Any Occasion appeared first on Taste of Home.

Italian recipes you'll want to try tonight

Italian food is all about taking the best quality ingredients and cooking them simply. There's so much more to it than pizza and pasta, much as we love them. Discover more recipes from easy starters and soups, mains and divine desserts. Eat like an Italian at home today, by following our inspired ideas.

9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Away from Loved Ones

Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or just missing home, show some love this Valentine's Day with these creative ideas. The post 9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Away from Loved Ones appeared first on Taste of Home.

Do you know how to shop for seafood like a pro? Chefs share their expert tips

Seafood sales have soared during pandemic. Here's how to shop for it — and cook it — like a chef.

10 Worst New Fast-Food Menu Items of 2021

Your favorite fast-food chains have debuted plenty of new products this month, but not all of them are healthy. Here's what to avoid.

Easy secrets for fluffy rice every time

Cooking rice can be tricky but you just need to follow a few simple rules to get it right every time. Read on for the answers, with tips and recipes to inspire you.

Halfway to cooking greatness, I’m discovering recipes inside recipes

I’ve cooked regularly for 20 years. In that time, my recipe arsenal has grown from Top Ramen and chili to a few dozen dishes (among which Top Ramen and chili steadfastly remain). What started as a method to save money in college and avoid allergic reactions has evolved into a way to feed a family of five. But it also morphed into recreation.

Every dip you could ever need for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday, or any game day for that matter, is all about one thing: food. Honestly, we can take or leave all of that sports stuff, but when it comes to chicken wings, burgers, potato skins and fried food, we are all in. But one game day food category reigns supreme: dip. From Buffalo chicken dip and onion dip to salsa, guacamole, hummus and everything in between, these 21 dip recipes are going to win game day.

The 8 best things to get at Trader Joe's this year, according to shoppers

The 12th-annual Customer Choice Awards winners are in. Here are the best snacks, cheeses, drinks, and more to get at Trader Joe's right now.

26 of the world's most breathtaking airports

Lunar New Year recipe: Make Joanne Chang's steamed fish

Boston-based chef Joanne Chang joins TODAY to help ring in the Lunar New Year the right way - full of food. She whips up two prep-ahead recipes: a whole steamed fish along with a pineapple upside-down cake.

‘I’m a Food Stylist and This Is the Best Way To Keep Your Avocados From Going Brown’

Here's how to make your favorite healthy fruit last a couple extra days.

Old-fashioned ingredients that need a second chance

Over the decades, ingredients have fallen in and out of fashion but we think that some deserve a second chance.

In California: State lifts stay-at-home orders for all regions

Plus: California reports fewer COVID-19 cases than last week, Newsom proposes to extend eviction protections through June.

Coca-Cola with Coffee is being rolled out nationwide. If you live in Coffee County, Georgia, you can even get it delivered by drone.

Coca-Cola with Coffee has already launched overseas. It's now hitting stores in the US in three different flavors, plus two zero-sugar versions.

McDonald's Is Bringing Back Two Sold-Out Items in February

The chain is launching another limited-time run of two of their most popular items, which sold out within two weeks in October.

These popular cooking 'hacks' don't work

The endless cooking advice in magazines and hacks found online can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned home cooks...

Ayesha Curry shares relatable video of household pet peeve

After Ayesha Curry shared a video of an empty bottle of cranberry juice put back into the fridge by her husband, Steph Curry, Hoda and Jenna discuss their own household pet peeves. Jenna shares that her kids give their garbage to her instead of throwing it in the trash.